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Solar Panel Installer, Sussex, based in Chichester, with installations across the UK.

As a company we also provide Solar PV Services in West Sussex, from installations to maintenance.

We were one of the first Companies to be qualified in Solar PV on the South Coast.

The Solar Industry has been through changes with the Feed in Tariff being cut, however it still has many benefits:-

  • Can typically provide 60% of annual electricity requirement
  • Protects against fuel inflation
  • Will still gain a better rate of interest than that saved in a bank account
  • Feed in Tariffs are guaranteed for 20yrs and rise with inflation
  • Feed in tariff payments are tax free
  • Low maintenance technology

To optimise your generation of electricity we have also introduced battery storage systems and Solar iBoost installations that connect to your Immersion heater to provide solar generated hot water.

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S&D Electrical Services Ltd Solar PV Panel Installation Chichester Sussex during
S&D Electrical Services Ltd Solar PV Panel Installation Chichester Sussex complete

Feed In Tariff

Feed-in tariffs are payments made to homeowners and businesses for the renewable electricity they generate.

The feed-in tariff, introduced on 1st April 2010, guarantees that owners of small scale solar PV systems will receive up to 4.07p for every kWh of energy generated for the next 20 yearsIf you read on you will get the fine print. If you haven’t got time this may be all you need to know:

  • You can receive a payment (tariff)from your electricity company of up to 4.07p per kWh of energy generated, whether you use it in your house or not. You can also use the energy for free.
  • The feed-in tariff is non-taxableand will increase in line with inflation (RPI).
  • It applies for 20 years from the date of system installation. So for 20 years you will get paid for the electricity you generate.
  • Overall you can expect around 6-10% return on your investment – if you have money in the bank, you’ll be lucky to get 2% on it at the moment. For a standard domestic 4 kWp system that is south-facing and costs £6,000, on average you would be around £500 better off per year, more if you can use the majority of the electricity produced yourself.
  • In order for your system to qualify for feed-in tariffs, it must be installed by an MCS accredited installer. S & D Electrical Services Ltd is an MCS accredited installer.
  • In order to qualify for the full feed-in tariff, the building utilising the electricity from the grid must obtain an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rated D or above. The only exception to this is if the electricity feeds a building that cannot obtain an EPC (essentially not habitable) or if it feeds certain community buildings, including schools.
  • In December 2015 the government introduced new rates and a set of “tariff degressions” by which the tariffs are cut by 2-4% every three months.

Here’s a solar panel installation we did in Clapham:

clapham solar pv panel install by S&D Electrical Services